What is a Spiritual Wholistic Health And Wellness Consultant? 

Spiritual Consultant-A Spiritual Consultant is a non-professional counselor who, in a professional and ethical way, coaches each person to find his/her own answers by turning within to that sacred place of their soul that is free of traumatic cellular memories and fear. The goal is not to enable, but to guide one into Authentic Personal Power. Through the mind or thinking faculty, Divine Ideas are processed that reveal the body center where these ideas may be stored. Emotions are called forth from our feeling nature, which act as bridges to our true essence. Once the challenge is identified, a Self Agreement is made and witnessed by the consultant. It is then up to the client to take the necessary time and right effective action to successfully implement and complete the agreement. Those already moving forward on a path to enhanced personal growth and spiritual awareness obtain the best results. Since this journey is individual, personal and spiritual in nature, clients are seen six or less times a year. Professional referrals are offered as needed. However, these referrals are not endorsed.

Wholistic Health and Wellness Consultant- Wholistic Health and Wellness Consultants take a whole-body approach to wellness. As such, I go beyond food and diet to explore the many ways that a client can improve her/his quality of life and acquire skills for lasting health and happiness. As a Wellness Consultant, Registered Nurse and Health Educator, an initial assessment is done to ascertain whether an immediate referral to a health care provider is needed.

Next, the most challenging area that the client is experiencing from the basic seven dimensions of wellness is considered. Coaching is provided around selecting the best option to achieve balance in this area.

Wellness is a balanced state of emotional, intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual well being that enables one to reach her/his full potential in life. Personal wellness occurs with a commitment to lifestyle choices based on healthy attitudes and actions.


Sessions last 15 to 30 minutes and are scheduled on an as needed basis by Zoom, or telephone.

 Sessions are free to support our spiritual community during these COVID times.

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Spiritual and Wholistic Health and Wellness Consulting sessions may be scheduled separately or combined to total a 30 minute session.