Bry'Andi's Bio


Bry'Andi Brandon, retired RN, is a dynamic, multifaceted credentialed teacher who presents a unique spiritually based and integrative approach to health education and wellness. She stands for proactive, noninvasive, preventative self care while blending effective allopathic practices when needed. Bry'Andi is an avid wellness facilitator, meditation coach and peace seeker. She believes that peace begins from inside each of us and then emanates out into the world.
In 1996, she graduated from the Unity School for Religious Studies at Unity Village, Missouri with a Diploma for Advanced Studies in principles of Practical Christianity and the development of skills in teaching, counseling and service. She has held a Full Time Clear Professional Designated Subjects Teaching Credential in Nursing Services from the state of California since the year 2000. Her niche is facilitating spiritually and educationally based classes for adults. 

Ms. Brandon earned her Certification as a Cell Regeneration Energy Healing Practitioner in 2004. She has offered Cell Regeneration presentations at The African American Health Summit in Oakland and African Americans for Balanced Health in Sacramento.

She is Critical Mass Health Conductor #39 and coached participants in this program sponsored by The Bay Area Black United Fund from 2005 until 2007. Since training at James S. Gordon's Center for Mind, Body Medicine in 2007, she has integrated the modalities of mindfulness meditation, breath, movement and self-expression in her teachings. Her CBEST was completed in 2010. From 2009-2012 Ms. Brandon participated in Green Sangha, a mindfulness meditation based environmentally active organization. Through it, she earned certification as a Plastics Educator delivering presentations to schools and senior centers in the bay area regarding plastics reduction and environmental sustainability.

Bry'Andi has practiced, created and implemented classes in meditation for many years. In 2013 and 2014, she developed and integrated meditation practices into the curriculum of the Home Health Assistant Pilot Program for the California Long Term Care Education Center where she was employed as a Health Educator. In 2017-2018, she taught nondenominational meditation classes at Brentwood Unity Center for Inspired Living. 

On March 21, 2021, she co-founded Caste Action Alliance to respond to the need for civil rights advocacy with primary focuses on social and restorative justice. This group is composed of people of African descent along with white allies ("brothers and sisters"). They educate themselves and others related to historical and contemporary results of enslavement of black people in America since 1619. They have committed to take actions that support deconstruction of racism in the U.S. by gifting relevant books to local leaders, school administrators, health care professionals/providers, etc.  Restoration is embraced in its many aspects and they do their part by installing "Stones of Remembrance", which are plaques honoring black ancestors who were totally controlled by systemic racism. They also provide educational scholarships to black youth to pursue college, vocational, career or technical goals.

Ms. Brandon's commitment to her personal spiritual growth and educational advancements inspires and informs her presentations. She assertively pursues mind, body and spirit development through the practices of prayer, meditation, diverse exercise practices and consumption of whole foods. She participates in events at East Bay Meditation Center and Heart and Soul Center of Light, both located in Oakland, California.

Besides being an avid reader, nature lover, music enthusiast (especially blues, gospel, R&B, country and New Age), Bry'Andi loves to dance, the arts, learning about and participating in diverse cultural spiritual practices, to socialize, laugh often and plain have fun! Her current 2021 focus is completion of the spiritually inspired Soul Healing Hairstories Film Project by early 2022.